Leader in the paper industry...

Met Kağıtçılık was founded in 1989 as an important link to Aras Group's service chain. Not limiting its service range only with paper import and marketing, the company has adopted producing solutions to address customers' problems as a principle. Following the advancements and technological innovations in world paper and cellulose market closely with the organizations it works with, it has always been the pioneer of recent technology.

Introducing state-of-the-art technologies to the sector in advance, Met Kağıtçılık still remains as the leader of paper sector with the high quality products it offers. Working with worldwide companies, Met Kağıtçılık has sufficient capacity to meet any paper demand of the sector. It can reach to the new products that the sector needs instantly with the research department it has established.

Special dimension cutting can be performed with our cutting machines for all paper types.